Pay Dirt potting soil, flexible inks on polyethylene, ziplok closure
43 x 30.5 x 15 cm
6 liters by volume, actual weight may vary
United States Patent No. 6,488,732

$20 per package of Ikon Earth

IKON EARTH is a complete, nutrient rich, pH-balanced growth medium made from 99.85% postconsumer data. Engineered as a patented chemical formula, IKON EARTH contains optimum amounts of all the nutrients your garden and potted plants need to thrive. Nitrogen for robust growth. Potassium for water uptake. Phosphorus for bountiful fruiting and flowering. Calcium for root development. Magnesium for photosynthesis. Sulfur for promoting new growth. A high cation exchange rate for maximum absorption of nutrients. All released in the slow, organic way plants like best, without the use of synthetic polymers or nutrient-retardants.

IKON EARTH can be used straight or can be mixed with topsoil, vermiculite, sand, or sphagnum moss to create the desired degree of friability. For best results, use your hands.

IKON EARTH is a work of art and may be harmful to some plants. Like all viable growth media, IKON EARTH contains naturally occurring bacteria that fight pathogens and cycle nutrients to plant roots. Persons with sensitive immune systems should consult their physician before handling IKON EARTH.

BLACK COUNTRY ROCK is made from the same great formula as IKON EARTH but is reserved for an extremely exclusive demographic: Bowie fans who garden. Mick Ronson was the municipal gardener of the town of Hull before hitting it big as a Bowie's lead guitarist on The Man Who Sold the World. Ronson's signature song, BLACK COUNTRY ROCK, was dedicated to the industrial region north of Birmingham, England, otherwise known as 'the black country' for the perpetual soot that fills the air and stains all that it touches.

Here's to you, Mick and David! And happy planting.

Chemical Analysis

pH 6.0 - 7.0
Cation Exchange 2.5 - 3.5mmho/cm
Nitrogen 100 - 199 ppm
Phosphorus 20 - 150 ppm
Potassium 100 - 250 ppm
Calcium 40 - 225 ppm
Magnesium 15 - 150 ppm
Sulfur 20 - 100 ppm
Boron 0.25 - 2.25 ppm
Iron 15 - 40 ppm
Manganese 5 - 30 ppm
Zinc 5 - 30 ppm
Copper 2 - 30 ppm