Love Nest with Orioles
Archival Inkjet on linen, cotton floss, sewing needles,
embroidery hoop, plastic, muslin, museum board
31 x 24 x 2.5 cm
edition of 10 / 2 A.P.
Published by DadaDandy, London

Love Nest with Orioles is the companion craft object to the Massachusetts Wedding Bed, a queen-sized bed made by hand in Wellfleet, Massachusetts, the first state in American to allow same-sex marriage. Love Nest with Orioles is no less special, an embroidery kit whose hours of labor represent a lifetime of intimacy for a man and a woman or a woman and a woman or a man and a man.

Love Nest with Orioles contains everything you need to craft a beautiful object of love: one pre-printed, pure linen ground, five hand-selected colors of cotton floss, two sewing needles, one embroidery hoop, and one sheet of muslin backing. Once completed, this commemorative image can be stretched as a painting, stitched into a pillow, or framed as a work of art.

Love Nest with Orioles. The only embroidery kit on the market whose very purchase is a statement of support for the right of any two consenting adults to live, love, maybe even get married—however they choose.

$1450.00 shipped US

$1650.00 shipped International