Wood, plastic, fabric, paint, metal, rubber, screws
size variable

The Nesting Bookcase is an innovative product in that, unlike most shelving systems, it is neither a singular cumbersome unit nor a pile of parts that need to be assembled, IKEA-style. Rather, each of its solid state shelves is free and slightly smaller than the next so as to be able to "nest" inside each other as one portable, suitcase-sized object. The handy carrying strap also doubles as a tension strap that holds the shelves securely in place when in use. The shelves can be stacked, ziggurat-style, to a height of six feet.

Most artworks that venture into the realm of design necessarily retain some aspect of their art pedigree as a safeguard against becoming too ambiguous, too numerous, or too inexpensive. The Nesting Bookcase is radical because it has ventured off the monitored playground of contemporary art and run the risk of being design–that is, of actually being used, loved, and destroyed.

What is the Nesting Bookcase: Art? Design? Part object, part sculpture? We're not sure and, frankly, we don't care. Besides, its not really up to us. Our favorite thing about the Nesting Bookcase is it's ambiguity. We like how an object that began as a rather clumsily built artwork has evolved into a complex network of possibilities, a kind of "open source" object whose function is still playing out in the hands of all persons involved. Most of all, we like how this flexible status and has created a social give and take that only commerce and word of mouth can resolve.


$995 shipped US

$1295 shipped International