Joe Scanlan

published by Kunstmuzeum aan Zee, Ostend
designed by Dexter Sinister, New York
printed by Lecturis, Eindhoven
distributed by Buchhandlung Walther König, Cologne; D.A.P., New York; and this website


Two Objects
Two objects that may or may not go together.
Two objects that are distinct, but related.
Two objects roaming the earth in search of each other, like mythic lovers navigating the global network of book distribution, tracking, and sales

Smaller Object
In this volume, artist Joe Scanlan’s magazine columns from the past fifteen years have been gathered as one long, picaresque narrative in which democracy plays the dishonest but amiable lead role, from the Lumière Brothers’ use of their employees in the making of the first film to Tino Sehgal’s use of museum visitors in the production of his art. As Scanlan writes: Once again we regress to the familiar, not on the basis of its merits but because it puts the most people at ease. However vexed we were by modernist ideology, the products resulting from the current consensus-based, consumer-driven service economy are really starting to depress me. I miss having to accept something whether I like it or not, if only for the bits of stunning genius that single-mindedness made possible. Consumer culture, where is thy victory? Product, where is thy sting?

Larger Object
Which begs the question
It all started 100 years ago when
On the one hand
On the other hand
Of course
Which reminds me
That is why
Speaking of stylists
That being said
I choose
Once upon a time

Object Lessons
©2012 Joe Scanlan, Dexter Sinister and Mu.Zee
ISBN 978-9-074694-06-3

paperback, 4-color, perfect-bound
text with four BW illustrations
17.5 x 10.8 cm, 96 pages

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hardcover, foil-stamped cloth, perfect-bound
28.5 x 22 cm, 112 pages
96 of the pages have a rectangular hole cut out of them in which the Smaller Object (or other objects) can be placed

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with the Smaller Object hidden inside of the larger one

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