The Democratic party stands to re-gain control of the United States Senate this November if six of these seven vulnerable Republicans are defeated by their sensible rivals. The Democrats already have one seat won, since Democrat Ned Lamont or Independent Joe Lieberman is going to win in Connecticut. Here are The Eight:

Joe Lieberman (I) Connecticut
James Talent (R) Missouri
Conrad Burns (R) Montana
Mike DeWine (R) Ohio
Rick Santorum (R Pennsylvania
Lincoln Chafee (R) Rhode Island
Bill Frist (R) Tennessee
George Allen (R) Virginia

LINCOLN CHAFEE: a decent enough Northeastern Republican, pro choice, pro-ANWR and against the death penalty. Under normal circumstances he'd be a welcome, gentlemanly adversary on the other side of the aisle. No longer. He's too much of a team player and he's on the wrong team. Sorry Lincoln. The next time a chunk of ice as big as your state breaks off Antarctica, I'll think of you and your party's inaction on federal emisions standards and the Kyoto protocol. Chafee's in trouble in his Republican primary, let alone against his Democratic challenger, former RI Attorney General SHELDON WHITEHOUSE.