The Democratic party stands to re-gain control of the United States Senate this November if six if these seven vulnerable Republicans are defeated by their sensible rivals. The Democrats already have one seat won, since Democrat Ned Lamont or Independent Joe Lieberman is going to win in Connecticut. Here are The Eight:

Joe Lieberman (I) Connecticut
James Talent (R) Missouri
Conrad Burns (R) Montana
Mike DeWine (R) Ohio
Rick Santorum (R Pennsylvania
Lincoln Chafee (R) Rhode Island
Bill Frist (R) Tennessee
George Allen (R) Virginia

BILL FRIST: is stepping down to entertain a presidential bid in 2008. As a doctor and senator, Frist will be remembered most for his professional diagnosis of Terry Schiavo based on having watched a two-year-old videotape of her, and for telling George Stephanopolous on national TV that perspiration is capable of transmitting AIDS. Frist's seat is being contested by Democrat HAROLD FORD, JR., a fiscal hawk and five-term Congressman from Memphis who hopes to double the percentage (.01) of African Americans currently serving in the U.S. senate.