The Democratic party stands to re-gain control of the United States Senate this November if six if these seven vulnerable Republicans are defeated by their sensible rivals. The Democrats already have one seat won, since Democrat Ned Lamont or Independent Joe Lieberman is going to win in Connecticut. Here are The Eight:

Joe Lieberman (I) Connecticut
James Talent (R) Missouri
Conrad Burns (R) Montana
Mike DeWine (R) Ohio
Rick Santorum (R Pennsylvania
Lincoln Chafee (R) Rhode Island
Bill Frist (R) Tennessee
George Allen (R) Virginia

JAMES TALENT: Like many well educated conservatives in the current administration, Talent (Washington University and University of Chicago) is cunning enough to amass power but not wise enough to know how to handle it. Too much Machiavelli, not enough Rousseau. And, like other rather fortunate young men, he has pretty much fallen into this Senate seat thanks to the death of Mel Carnahan. His eagerness to hold onto it at all costs has led him to a very familiar conservative role: moral indignation on the one hand (supported the flag burning amendment and a ban on all stem cell research), while taking money from tobacco companies and gambling interests on the other. Having since "seen the light" on stem cell research, Talent has flip-flopped his position as well as distanced himself from his more unsavory affiliations. He's currently in a dogfight with the very principled Missouri State Auditor CLAIRE MCCASKILL, a former cheerleader and all-around tough customer who has broken numerous glass ceilings in Missouri state politics, including being the first person to ever become a mother while actively serving as a state legislator. Bring it on, Claire.